DecarbEurope values

During its May progress meeting, the DecarbEurope partners discussed the following values for the initiative:

  • Decarbonization: we pursue solutions that provide a sizeable contribution and that are scalable to provide rapid and deep carbon savings. For this, we need policy stability, a long-term perspective and strict planning to achieve energy & climate objectives by 2050.
  • Cost-effectiveness: we want solutions that are cost-effective, that compete in the market on merit. Minimum life-cycle costing should guide policy design. All cost-effective measures need to be pursued.
  • Circularity: in the transition from a fossil fuel-based to a more capital-intensive energy system, we want products and systems to be durable, easy to repair and highly recyclable.
  • Sector coupling: we believe in integrated energy systems and the use of digital solutions. We need a system approach combining renewables and energy efficiency with energy flexibility.
  • Consumer engagement: we believe in full access to energy markets, green power purchase agreements (PPAs), guarantees of origin, long-term agreements and peer-to-peer energy transactions.

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