EHPA’s heat pump campaign is hot news

EHPA’s “Heat Pump” campaign is listed in the category of Best Communications Campaigns of the European Association Awards 2019

Since 2014, the European Heat Pumps Association (EHPA) has been working on a long-term campaign to raise awareness about heat pumps and their benefits. The campaign has now been officially listed in the Best Communications Campaigns of the European Association Awards 2019. The winners are to be announced on 29th March.

It all started when EHPA realized that it was becoming increasingly difficult to reach its target groups via facts and technical communication. So they decided to go in a different direction. The goal was to make heat pumps appealing on the emotional level; to make them easy to like and to be remembered. 

The campaign addressed the audience with a mix of the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch) to better stimulate long-term memory, thus strengthening their message. In addition, color coded messages were activated to transmit specific benefits of the heat pump technology. 

2014 – I love HP

Candies and mugs were used as the medium between MEP’s and heat pumps’ benefits. Coffee mugs, postcards and a box of candies were sent to all members of the ITRE and ENVI Committees of the European Parliament, in order to convey the benefits of heat pump technology to new MEPs.

2015 – 2017 – 2018 – Ice Cream

This successful initiative is a now a classic during EUSEW. Ice cream was offered to the participants together with an explanation of how heat pumps are linked not only to heating but to cooling as well. The different ice cream flavors were translated into heat pump benefits; each color/flavor corresponded to one benefit.

2018 – Flowers

When EHPA started to approach cities as important actors of the energy transition, they identified planting as a metaphor for long-term planning, which is the main characteristic of a city government. Boxes containing six tulip bulbs, with varieties connected to the color scheme, were sent to Mayors of the EU capitals, as well as cities that have been using green solutions. Each box included an explanatory postcard that explained the benefits in color-coded tulips and invited mayors to contact EHPA for more information about how the heat pumps could contribute to sustainable cities.

With such an eye-catching and focused campaign, it’s no surprise that EHPA’s campaign is in the running for a European Association Award 2019. The winners will be disclosed on 28th March 2019. View the details of the competition here.

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