HP Forum 2019. The role of heat pumps in the energy transition

Get up-to-date with technical policies and their implications, market data and the latest heat pump projects at the HP Forum 2019 in Brussels, 15-16 May 2019.

For a carbon-neutral Europe, heat-pump technologies are one of the most promising heating and cooling solutions, being a core enabler for a renewable, sustainable and smart energy system.

Heat pumps are everywhere. You find them in your fridge, tumble dryer and dishwasher. If you buy an electric car they increase range by managing the battery temperature. You find them in an increasing number of residential commercial and industrial buildings where they perform valuable heating and cooling services.

Heat pumps provide multiple benefits to society: a more energy-efficient, renewable-based and flexible energy system, greater integration among various technologies (solar, building automation systems, hybrids) and among various needs (heating, cooling, hot water production, air quality, etc.).

At the HP Forum 2019, organized by the European Heat Pump Association, you can get up-to-speed with the latest policy implications, technical policies and market data, and understand what digitalization means for heat pumps.

The event takes place 15-16 May 2019 at the EGG Centre in Brussels. It’s targeted at heat pump industry representatives, city representatives, planners and researchers.

Check out the full program of the event, or cast your eyes over this year’s speakers. A few highlights from the program that caught our attention include:

  • New approaches for large HP deployment in cities and regions, a discussion moderated by Paul Voss, Euroheat and Power
  • Successful heat recycling for sustainable production by Mikko Viljamaa, Kiilto Oy, Finland
  • Heat pumps help Colruyt reach their CO2 emissions target
  • You cannot digitalize pipes, or can you? by Marco Gazzino, Head of Enel X innovation, ENEL
  • IoT platform integration and big data as the necessary background for new business models, by Johannes Fütterer, Aedifion
  • Energy communities as an accelerator to city decarbonisation: lessons learned in Vienna by Brigitte Bach, Wienenergy.

Projects Corner

Here you can get the opportunity to discover some of the latest and most innovative real projects happening with heat pumps. These include:

  • The Heat RoadMap Europe, a European project led by the University of Aalborg (Denmark) which aims to create the scientific evidence required to support the decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector in Europe, and redesign this sector by combining the knowledge of local waste heat conditions, potential savings and energy system analysis.
  • The Heat4Cool concept proposes innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions that support EU energy efficiency policies through an optimal integration of relevant rehabilitation systems. It includes four benchmark retrofitting projects in four different European climates, aiming to achieve a reduction of at least 20% in energy consumption in a technically, socially, and financially feasible manner.
  • The overall objective of the DryFiciency project is to lead energy-intensive sectors of the European manufacturing industry to high energy efficiency and a reduction of fossil carbon emissions by means of waste heat recovery. It focuses on three sectors, namely brick, pet care/feed and food industry, but the results are of major relevance other energy-intensive industries such as the pulp and paper industry.
  • GeoAtlantic‘s challenge is to develop methodologies and tools through cooperation to facilitate energy transition and the use of renewable sources in several local communities. A multidimensional approach will be developed through the improvement of the institutional, technological, industrial and social environment.
  • SunHorizon aims at unlocking the potential for a mass-customized, user-friendly and cost-effective solution based on an optimized design and combination of existing innovative heat pumps and solar technologies. The technologies will be installed in different refurbished and new single/multi-family/tertiary buildings in Belgium, Germany, Latvia and Spain.

Check out registrations and prices, (registration closes on May 12th). More information is available at info@hp-forum.eu

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