Euroheat and Power’s Knowledge Hub and 2019 Congress

Two highly valuable resources to increase your insights into the district heating and cooling sector

Euroheat and Power Knowledge Hub

This extremely comprehensive database of resources linked to district heating and cooling features 12 areas.

Case studies

The best way to experience the many benefits of district energy is through its most innovative success stories. View collection

Country profiles

Key data, infographics and a short description of the national district heating and cooling landscapes, country by country. View collection


Sustainable heating & cooling for urban environments; smart cities solutions & tools; customer engagement. Search content

Renewable energy

Various renewable energy sources in heating & cooling – solar heat, geothermal, bioenergy etc. Search content

Waste heat

Recovery & reuse of excess heat in district heating & cooling. Search content


Digital aspects on heating & cooling at all levels; digital solutions; metering. Search content

District heating and cooling

Integrated energy systems

Exploring synergies among various parts of the energy system (heating & cooling, electricity, transport); sector coupling; energy storage. Search content


Aspects related to sustainable cooling and district cooling. Search content


Technological aspects of district energy; low temperature; 4th generation district heating. Search content

Planning & modeling

Heating & cooling mapping; local energy & heat planning. Search content

Business models & financing

Existing and innovative business models for district energy; financing & investments; crowdfunding. Search content

Statistics & market analysis

Economic and market related aspects on district heating & cooling, including statistical data & analysis. Search content

The Knowledge Hub is publicly available – please contact to contribute.

The Euroheat & Power Congress

Taking place 6-8 May in Nantes, France, this congress provides a unique forum for discussing and enhancing knowledge on major issues of importance for the European and global District Energy sectors. It covers technical and business approaches, new developments in legislation, latest operational experiences, most recent technological developments, and fresh research results.

Taking place for the 39th time, the theme of this year’s Euroheat & Power Congress is New Perspectives. Highlights that captured our attention include:

  • Technical visits to Malakoff, the largest wood-fired boiler of Nantes Metropole, and to NADIC, the wood boiler of the Bellevue heat network in Nantes.
  • Entering the Time Machine: A panel discussion aims to glimpse the future of the district heating and cooling sector.
  • Clean Energy for all Europeans: How best to implement the Clean Energy Package in the DHC sector?
  • Young DHC Teaches Old Dogs New Tricks: The International DHC+ Student Awards for outstanding and original contributions to the sector.
  • Why Waste Heat? What are the barriers and key success factors to stop heat being needlessly thrown away?
  • The World is not Enough: It’s time to look beyond traditional markets. But where, and how?
  • Cool Stuff for Attractive DHC: It’s time to push the boundaries with some geeky solutions for the future.

Check out the full agenda and registration details.

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