AVERE brings electromobility to DecarbEurope

A short introduction to the objectives and activities of ­AVERE, the European Association for Electromobility, which is the latest DecarbEurope partner.

Operating under the slogan of “Electromobility is environmentally, humanly and economically sustainable,” AVERE seeks to build a strong network of expertise and knowledge that helps foster the best environment for innovation. It aims to help support the transition to electrification and establish the right policy frameworks throughout Europe to ensure that effective business models can take advantage of this development.

AVERE has a broad scientific network of experts in electromobility who contribute to peer-reviewed publications, takes part in a number of task forces and projects, and co-organises the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS).

Understanding EVs

If you’re looking for an easily understandable summary of the benefits of electromobility, the AVERE website is a good starting point. It covers three key areas. The section on environmental sustainability looks at how EVs can help to meet climate objectives, and quantifies the reduced emissions of an EV compared to the equivalent internal combustion engine.

In human sustainability, air quality in cities and noise are discussed. With the European Environment Agency recently estimating that more than 1,000 premature deaths A DAY occur due to air pollution (of which road transport is a major contributor), the lack of exhaust pollutants from EVs is a key argument.

The page on economic sustainability looks at what can be a major obstacle for many people considering purchasing an EV: cost. It suggests that purchase price parity between an EV and a comparable internal combustion engine could be achieved from 2022. It also links to a recent and very interesting paper on “Electric vehicles as an element of the power grid” which will be useful for those wondering about the impact of large-scale deployment of electric vehicles on electricity demand and how the grid operates.

Task forces and projects

AVERE is involved in the development and running of a number of task forces on electromobility. These cover topics such as connected mobility, charging experience, and batteries and storage. It also contributes to a number of European and international projects. One that caught my eye is the European Alternative Fuels Observatory, an online portal providing open and free information on the deployment not just of alternative fuels but also the infrastructure necessary to deliver them.


Among the events that AVERE solely or jointly organises, the Electric Vehicles Symposium stands out. Organised by AVERE and two other members of the World Electric Vehicle Association, it dates back to 1969 and rotates between Europe, Asia and America. It has grown into an event that is both academic, with over 500 papers being discussed, and business oriented, with several thousand square meters of exhibition area, including ride & drive facilities.

It covers the various components of electric mobility, from markets to vehicle battery technology, motorcycles to trucks, and from charging facilities to related services and public policy.

It’s Europe’s turn to host the next edition, which takes place from 19 May to 22 May 2019 in Lyon. Maybe you are interested in registering and attending?

If you need further encouragement, here’s what Jean Todt, President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) says about the event. He also gives some interesting insights into the development of electric cars on the motor racing circuit:

Now a DecarbEurope partner

According to Jayson Dong, AVERE Policy Office, the key reasons for AVERE joining Decarb Europe are:

  • To promote electromobility as a viable mode of transport now…not in the future.
  • To combat the myths surrounding electromobility and be a source for facts for all stakeholders in Brussels and across Europe
  • To highlight AVERE as the Association representing all relevant stakeholders in the sector.

More information on the AVERE website.

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