Day Three at EUSEW19

Catch up with some of the interventions of DecarbEurope’s partners at the final day of the EU Sustainability Energy Week

Power systems with high share of renewables: vision and innovation

Day three at #EUSEW19 kicked off with DecarbEurope partners out in force at this session.

Four DecarbEurope partners
Interconnectivity of renewables in practice: SolarPower Europe, WindEurope, EASE Storage and SmartEN discuss how to push the energy transition forwards
Aurélie Beauvais from SolarPowerEU
Aurélie Beauvais from SolarPowerEU sees closer cooperation between solar, wind and energy storage as essential, because the interconnection of renewables can provide a holistic solution for corporates building data centres based around 100% renewables.
Pierre Tardieu from WindEurope
Pierre Tardieu from WindEurope remarks that we are going to have to rethink the way the energy system works, and think more holistically. This includes working towards a more transparent system, for example in redispatch costs.

In terms of transparency and flexibility, the Clean Energy Package is heading in the right direction

Pierre Tardieu, WindEurope
Brittney Elzarei from EASE
Brittney Elzarei from EASE envisions a future with a variety of energy storage technologies, some of which are mature and available now. The more longer duration solutions need working on further. Hybrid storage is also likely to play a big role in the future.
Frauke Thies from smartEnEU
Frauke Thies from smartEnEU believes that the question of third party market platforms is gaining in importance with more of them appearing. Moreover, in a decentralised energy world, cooperation with TSOs and DSOs is essential to foster demand side flexibility for different energy resources and avoid further grid reinforcement.

The road to a 100% green and fully electric transport system

Philippe Vangeel from AVERE
Philippe Vangeel from AVERE says there won’t be a winner between battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles; both technologies are needed.
Julia Poliscanova from Transport & Environment
Julia Poliscanova from Transport & Environment describes electric vehicles as ‘batteries on wheels’ which can make significant contributions to energy flexibility.
Energy efficiency of battery electric vehicles
Julia also gave a comparison of the energy efficiency of battery electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and power-to-liquid vehicles.

The green revolution starts at home

Thomas Nowak EHPA

“Decarbonisation of our buildings’ heating and cooling is KEY to reach our 2050 goals!  The industry is READY and fossils must be phased out!” exclaims DecarbHeat.

CogenEurope calls for:

  • Modernising heating & cooling
  • Integrating energy systems locally across electricity, heat & gas networks
  • Maximising renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • A comprehensive approach
  • Local action

The obstacles to decarbonisation, according to Bioenergy Europe, are not financing and investment costs, but the lack of policy support! “Member States need to be more supportive if we are serious about the decarbonisation issue! We need to get rid of fossil fuels ASAP.”

“What lessons can be learned from the power sector when it comes to decarbonising heating and cooling?” says Paul Voss from Euroheat and Power. “It’s the fact that creating the right policy pressure is essential!”

“We have 10 years to put in place fully decarbonised solutions and we need financing to do it,” says Pedro Dias from Solar Heat Europe. He gives three takeaways from the session:

  • 2030 is the deadline
  • Financing is critical
  • Integration will be key
Alexandra Tudoroiu from COGENEurope
Alexandra Tudoroiu from COGENEurope stresses the importance of creating and strengthening the link between national and local authorities to improve the supply.

Sailing towards Paris: can shipping be zero-emission?

Decarbonisation of shipping
“If shipping was a Member State of the EU, it would be the 7th highest polluter in terms of emissions,” says Faig Abbisav from Transport & Environment. “This is a fact that is not always taken into consideration.”

For some of the latest developments in decarbonising the shipping industry, check out this blog post.

Ecodesign and energy labels: setting standards for consumers

“CEN & CENELEC commit to integrate aspects of energy efficiency in product standards. Better performing products make a better life for European citizens. They make our industries competitive and drive innovation” – Geert Maes, CEN and CENELEC

Geert Maes, CEN and CENELEC

Sustainable finance for energy efficiency, experience from markets across Europe

Standards are simple, transparent and usable across the supply chain says Ettore Piantoni from CEN CENELEC
  • Standards can have a great impact if adopted as a core set of de-risking tools
  • Standards improve and connect a user’s ability to create, deliver and capture value in energy efficiency projects
  • Standards can be a reference to define metrics, threshold values and data collection/analysis
  • Standards materiality can be integrated with financial/accounting and sustainable reporting

The taste of cogeneration!

myCHP is a COGENEurope initiative. It’s community of people who enable and are committed to using CHP technologies for their homes and businesses. Today at #EUSEW19 they relaunched @myCHP_in_action with chocolate, croissants & beer – all produced efficiently with fuel cell micro-cogeneration!



Today was all about integration. Energy communities, energy management and finance all provide good platforms to organise the cooperation between solutions.

We are also very pleased about the dominant presence of #DecarbEurope partners at over a third of the policy workshops and the huge footprint on social media, demonstrating the strong link between the energy transition and EU decarbonisation.

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