Where Blockchain and Energy intersect

Two DecarbEurope partners are independently investigating the potential positive and negative consequences of Blockchain in the energy community.

EEIP: Blockchain will be the next GDPR

As stated recently by Eurelectric: “Blockchain enabled solutions can be implemented and unlock huge opportunities to have everyone participate and derive economic benefits in the new energy world using ‘simple’ interoperable and convenient platforms”.

With this in mind, an article entitled Blockchain will be the next GDPR on the EEIP (Energy Efficiency for Industrial Processes) website looks at what the potential applications of blockchain technologies could be, and how Blockchain could affect the provision – and the value – of energy services.

It considers some of the questions that remain to be answered, and looks at some of the key areas where innovation needs to take place – and in some cases is already happening – to raise customer awareness, digital skills, future business models and value propositions.

EEIP is planning to participate in a number of EU-funded projects on Blockchain. Anyone interested in joining them should contact EEIP directly.

CEN: Blockchain and Energy Seminar

Various actors are developing pilot projects in the energy sector utilizing blockchain technology. Several flagship projects have been launched recently in several countries. All engaged stakeholders consider standardization as a key element for replication and scaling-up, with the aim of developing a new market, fully adapted to the EU’s energy related challenges in the energy transition framework.

Standardization of the processes is particularly necessary at the level of the interactions between the devices connected to the Web (IoT), information flow among actors of the supply chain, and sustainable finance shareholders. In addition, reference to standards will help in gaining public acceptance and stakeholders’ trust.

Organised by CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum Energy Management (SFEM) and taking place at their Management Centre in Brussels, Blockchain in the energy sector: challenges and opportunities is a one-day seminar taking place on Thursday, 24 October 2019 that will be addressing these issues.

CEN/CENELEC seminar Blockchain

Its aim is to align understanding and motivate cross-sectorial cooperation to deliver key contributions to the EU energy transition through efficient and relevant Blockchain related actions.

Keynote speakers from the European Parliament, the European Commission DG ENER and CEN/CENELEC will be followed by descriptions of concrete pilot applications already implemented in different countries. Two panel sessions will allow interaction with the participants, with a view to identifying relevant recommendations to SFEM and CEN/CENELEC for standardization related developments and legislative improvements.

Timely registration is essential.

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