Join the Smart Energy Summit 2019

Register now for what promises to be an outstanding event. DecarbEurope partner smartEn is organising the Smart Energy Summit 2019: Prosumers in the Lead.

Active energy consumers, often called ‘prosumers’ because they both consume and produce electricity, are dramatically changing the European electricity system.

Various types of prosumers exist:

  • Residential prosumers who produce electricity at home, mainly through solar photovoltaic panels on their rooftops
  • Citizen-led energy cooperatives or housing associations
  • Commercial prosumers whose main business activity is not electricity production
  • Public institutions such as schools or hospitals.

The rise in the number of prosumers has been facilitated by the fall in the cost of renewable energy technologies, especially solar panels, which in some Member States produce electricity at a cost that is the same or lower than retail prices.

However, changes in the energy landscape also raise new questions. For example, how do we further develop these prosumer models to have a truly efficient, decarbonised, and socially inclusive energy system?

As the energy system continues to change, smartEn believes it is important for Europe to not just react, but to actively engage in defining a common European vision which embraces this transition, and provides a framework for innovation and growth.

This then is the theme of the Smart Energy Summit 2019.

Smart Energy Summit 2019

High-level speakers, roundtables, panel debates and of course involved and verbal audience members will all contribute to identify trends and recommendations to advance the smart energy sector in Europe.

In addition, smartEn and its members will be presenting its Prosumer Framework, as well as the new smartEn Map on Network Tariffs and Taxes.

Location: La Chaufferie, Brussels

Date: 20 November 2019

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