Recognising the Best of District Heating and Cogeneration

An overview of two recent award ceremonies featuring achievements in district heating and cogeneration.

The 6th Global District Energy Climate Awards honour systems that illustrate the overall importance of district energy (heating & cooling) and the movement towards clean, sustainable energy solutions. They were announced at the Sustainable District Energy Conference in Iceland on 24 October.

The 2019 COGEN Europe Recognition Awards acknowledge outstanding performance and achievements in the cogeneration sector and were presented at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference in Madrid, also on 24 October.

6th Global District Energy Climate Awards

Emerging Market Category

Winner: Barredo Colliery District Heating, Mieres, Asturias, Spain

Project: Managing the non-active collieries in Mieres by using the geothermal energy related to mine water and harnessing its thermal energy.

New Scheme Category

Winner: ReUseHeat, Braunschweig, Germany

Project: The waste heat from a new data centre is fed into an innovative, low-temperature district heating network.

Modernization Category

Winner: Kaunas DH system, Kaunas, Lithuania

Project: Municipal district heating system supplying heat to 3,500 businesses and organizations and 115,990 households

Expansion Category

Winner: Öresundskraft District Cooling, Helsingborg, Sweden

Project: Reengineering of a 1999 district heating system to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance

Out of the Box Category

Winner: University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Project: Reducing carbon footprint of campus by 42% by integrating cooling plant, rooftop solar with a chilled water storage tank and sophisticated controls

2019 COGEN Europe Recognition Awards

Market Development Award for Organisations

Winners: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. and CPL CONCORDIA

Project: Combining the flexibility of a next-gen trigeneration plant with the renewable character of a biomass district heating system at Lamborghini’s production site.

Market Development Award for Individuals

Winner: Luca Guenzi from Solar Turbines Switzerland

Reason: His relentless commitment in advocating for grid codes regulations which properly account for the key role of cogeneration within the power generation sector.

2019 Technology & Innovation Award

Winner: 2G Energy AG

Project: A hydrogen-driven CHP plant solution.

Young CHP Leader Award

Winner: Nicolás Pérez de la Mora

Reason: His continuous efforts and commitment towards CHP, both in his academic path and working career and for succeeding in overcoming the challenge of making R&D solutions real by integrating them into existing power plants projects.

Spain National Award (one-time-only award)

Winner: Josep Sánchez Llibre

Reason: His key contribution to the development of the CHP industry in Spain and its proactive promotion of the sector both in his former role as a Member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies and as current President of the Catalan industry federation.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: Michael Brown

Reason: His instrumental role for COGEN Europe as co-founder of the Association and for his career-long commitment towards the increased visibility of CHP in the UK and the rest of Europe.

More details of each of the COGEN Europe Recognition Awards are available on the COGEN Europe website.

Congratulations to all award winners from DecarbEurope!

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