New heat pathway scenario for the Netherlands proposed

Following on from previous exercises, Berenschot has calculated a new CO2 reduction scenario for The Netherlands: the heat pathway scenario, to contribute to implementing the Paris Climate Agreement.

Berenschot had already previously devised and calculated two extreme scenarios: an electron scenario and a molecule scenario. In both cases, the CO2 emissions would be reduced to almost zero by 2050. This third scenario, the heat pathway scenario, also does this but with more integration between the sectors.

A roadmap to decarbonising Europe’s shipping

A report by the green NGO Transport & Environment assesses potential technology pathways for decarbonising EU related shipping

Shipping is one of the largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting sectors of the global economy, responsible for around 1 Gt of CO2eq every year. If shipping were a country, it would be the 6th biggest emitter. EU shipping is responsible for around 20% of global ship GHG emissions, emitting on average 200 Mt/year.

A report by Transport & Environment assesses potential technology pathways for decarbonising EU related shipping through a shift to zero carbon technologies and the impact such a move could have on renewable electricity demand in Europe. It also identifies key policy and sustainability issues that should be considered when analysing and supporting different technology options to decarbonise the maritime sector.

SolarPower Summit 2019, 6-7 March

Get the latest strategic, political and market intelligence shaping the future of solar in Europe

The adoption of a strong European renewable target of at least 32% by 2030, combined with the recent removal of solar trade duties on PV panels, are paving the way for a new European solar boom. Solar Power Europe is forecasting strong market growth in Europe, with the demand for solar expected to grow over 60% in 2018.

Small-scale CHP from biomass

A demonstration project in south-east Sweden has been setup to highlight three different techniques for small-scale biomass-based cogeneration

The project – called Small-Scale CHP LIFE+ (2014-2019) – is financed jointly by the EU Life+ programme and the Swedish Energy Agency. It has multiple aims:

  • Demonstrate three technologies
  • Create a platform for small-scale CHP by arranging study visits
  • Increase the use of small-scale CHPs
  • Disseminate the experiences from running the technologies
  • Increase local and renewable electricity generation and thereby decrease CO2 emissions.

EHPA’s heat pump campaign is hot news

EHPA’s “Heat Pump” campaign is listed in the category of Best Communications Campaigns of the European Association Awards 2019

Since 2014, the European Heat Pumps Association (EHPA) has been working on a long-term campaign to raise awareness about heat pumps and their benefits. The campaign has now been officially listed in the Best Communications Campaigns of the European Association Awards 2019. The winners are to be announced on 29th March.

In the energy transition, every year is a record year

As the energy transition accelerates, records tumble with increasing speed. What was the fastest, biggest, most powerful last month, might not hold the same position next month.

It’s not easy keeping up with records in the renewables sector. Many claims are made that upon closer investigation appear to be rather generous with the truth, or refer to a planned installation or one currently under construction. But here’s an attempt to record the latest world records involving many of the solutions of DecarbEurope’s partners. If you see any discrepancies or have an update, please let us know in the comments box below.

Digitalisation as the way to smart, secure and sustainable energy

A look at some of our partners’ decarbonisation solutions that were highlighted at a recent conference in Brussels on the digitalisation of energy.

“Digitalization: the way to smart, secure and sustainable energy?” was a conference held on December 18th in Brussels, organised by POLITICO and sponsored by Eni. From the short but wide-ranging programme, we highlight some key aspects of relevance to DecarbEurope’s partners and their initiatives.