Solar Power

The sun has been powering the Earth for millennia, but only relatively recently have we started using the sun for solar power.

This is surprising, given that the sun supplies enough power in one hour to provide the total energy needs of the world for a whole year. In fact, some estimates show we would only need to cover a land area the size of Spain to power the entire planet with solar. No other energy technology can compete with this potential. Solar’s lowcost, versatility and reliability, means that it is poised to become the dominant energy source by 2050.

In Europe, over 70% of the market is roof-top solar. Our estimates show that around 5 million houses in Europe have solar on their roofs. Solar is easy to install, easy to maintain and an easy way to save money. Perhaps the most common objection from solar sceptics is “the sun doesn’t shine at night”. We have solved this: we now have storage systems that temporarily store generated solar power and deliver clean electricity around the clock.

The European Commission recognizes this unstoppable revolution and have recently brought forward a right to self-consume and self-generate energy. This is a significant new right for all European citizens that will have a huge impact on the energy sector. The forthcoming digitalization of the energy system will also bring forward a whole host of new solar opportunities for consumers and businesses alike – and make the process of going solar even more convenient.

Did you know? Solar power and renewable energies helped Europe cut its greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption by 10% in 2015. This demonstrates that clean energy technologies, like solar, are vital to reducing CO2 emissions. Scaling up and accelerating the deployment is imperative to be able to limit global warming to 2°C.